Jeffrey Paul Howard


I am just me.  And as time meanders on, I am more and more resolutely accepting and embracing the fact that I am just a gypsy, nomadic transient in this here life/world.

Life is to be lived, experienced, explored, and so am just one who is working towards that end, and why it is I believe I chose to come to this life/world… so, just a matter of me enjoyingly doing so.  To quote the ol’ saying – “not all who wander are lost” … well, sometimes I am, as I aimlessly try to figure out in which direction to go in the short term… in the long term, it’s all towards the same horizon of growing, learning, becoming, being, and doing, more… in my attempt to be the best that I can be.

We all just got to follow our own heart, true nature, honestly and purely, having faith and trust in ourselves that if we are, what we are looking for, wanting, living for, will come to be our life.

So, to the journey, my fellow travelers!  And see you on the road of life!



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4 days ago
World Trade Center

2004 film image from my first trip to the Big Apple

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday
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