I was writing a screenplay for my short film, directorial debut.  A project called, ‘And Just Like That’ (AJLT), was what I started out writing… a few dozen pages in though, it was becoming clear that it was headed towards more a feature length movie in scope, with a cast of dozens, shooting locations up and down the Rocky Mountain front range, and all to be financed with whatever money was found beneath the lint in my pockets…  So, had to scrap that original screenplay, and brutally condense it, to what ultimately would have been the final scene in AJLT.  ‘Jack And Mabey’ is that final product.

Here is the original, working script, I used for the filming.  When done reading, hop over to the right here, and watch it!

Short film

My first foray into writing, directing, acting, editing, a short film.  And it shows.

It was a one camera shoot, filmed all on one saturday in my apartment… later, because of location constraints, leaving me to edit it using nothing but iMovie.  If I had to do it all over again, would probably do absolutely everything different… but, it is what it is.

Because of a hard-drive malfunction, this sadly is the only remaining digital version I have of the originally edited film file.  So, for optimal viewing of this now, only remaining, low-resolution, version (and since this was filmed in 2003, it was only captured in 480p to start out with!)… So, best to not view it fullscreen, and view it at it’s size displayed.

And when you’re finished checking out both, go then follow along with the original story inspiration to ‘Jack And Mabey’, with ‘And Just Like That‘.